9 Facebook Targeting Secrets That Work

9 Facebook Targeting Secrets That Work

Facebook’s advanced targeting system helps you cut through the crowd to find your ideal customer. Discover the most effective Facebook targeting secrets every marketer should know. Learn from the SEO experts.

Facebook’s advanced targeting system helps you cut through the crowd to find your ideal customer. Discover the most effective Facebook targeting secrets every marketer should know. 

Imagine how huge the Facebook platform is.

According to the recent statistical records last June 2019, 1.59 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users.

This makes Facebook ads a great, cost-effective tool when you want to promote your services or products to a wide range of people and communities.

Facebook’s advanced targeting system helps you cut through the crowd to find your ideal customer.

The key to Facebook marketing success can be summed up as: “Showing the right message to the right people.”

Why You Should Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Ads help you expand your reach beyond just your page followers

Why should you do your campaigns on Facebook?

There are other social media platforms. 

People on Facebook add a ton of information about themselves to their profiles, and Facebook Audience Insights allows you to create focused audience segments.

There are many great reasons for a business to consider advertising on Facebook. 

Here are 5 great ones.

  • Your audience is already spending time on Facebook
  • Facebook allows you to find qualified leads easily
  • The targeting capabilities of Facebook are amazing
  • Facebook ads are still relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising alternatives
  • You can use Facebook ads to retarget leads that have already visited your site

Facebook Targeting Secrets You Should Be Using

9 Facebook Targeting Secrets You Should Be Using

Leading your Facebook targeting strategy gets you ahead of very specific and often driven segments of your audience on a social media channel where Americans devotedly spend an average of 40 minutes of their day. (According to Tech Crunch)

Here are our 9 Facebook Audience Targeting Secrets:

Set a goal for Facebook Ad Success

When it comes to Facebook advertising, most people are confused, overwhelmed, and downright frustrated: how do you do it right? 

Why are some brands absolutely rocking it and others aren’t? Is it really just a case of winging it? Honestly, is it worth it?

Your Facebook campaign objective identifies what optimization and bidding options you’ll have throughout the campaign setup process. 

Facebook’s ad auction relies on algorithmic learning to make decisions. The algorithm requires a significant amount of information to make decisions. 

You provide some of this information when you set up your Facebook audience targeting.

It’s like telling Facebook what it is that you wish to achieve, and the system will provide you the best tools to do it.

As of now, Facebook has 11 Ad objectives that you can choose from. These objectives are broken down into Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion categories.

You can see the full details of all the objective types here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1438417719786914

Include multiple factors to narrow your audience

Finding the right target audience is one of the keys to master Facebook ads optimization. 

Facebook targeting comes with highly advanced options, making it possible to filter and segment people with specific interests, your website visitors, or even people who are similar to your current customers.

When setting up Facebook audiences with popular interests, you may end up with huge audiences of millions of people. 

For example the audience beauty has 100M - 150M people.

There’s a good chance that not all of those people are your potential customers.

So how can you narrow down your Facebook target audience to include fewer people who’d be potential customers or more interested in your services/offer?

You can maximize your Facebook audiences by having detailed targeting options. You can do this with the “Narrow Audience” button under the Interests Targeting section. 

Or you can target the top pages under beauty audience.

Example: Mac Cosmetics, Sephora etc.

These segmentation methods, you can narrow down your audience and match your message or offer to a specific audience niche.

Exclude attributes to focus ads for a better ROAS

Facebook Targeting Tips: Exclude Targeting Attributes

Focusing your ads with multiple interest segments and exclusions will greatly increase your ROAS.

Instead of mass marketing to one large audience, you can specifically target niches and optimize by excluding audiences who already followed you.

Especially if you have an email list. First, create a custom audience by uploading your recent email list to Facebook. Save this audience.  

When you're setting up a new audience for your next set of ads, be sure to exclude this audience.

This is to ensure that you won’t be spending ads or campaigns to your existing subscribers. Or if you want to gain new leads, this excluding option is a perfect filter to utilize.

Retarget campaigns to website visitors

Retargeting Campaigns to Website Visitors

What if you have 24k monthly website visitors and 10k of them abandoned your cart or just navigated around your website. What would you do with these audiences that already expressed interest to your products or site?

Correct. We can retarget them.

Retargeting campaigns allow you to target specific visitors with specific ads with the goal of making them your loyal customers or convincing them to convert for your offer. 

These campaigns work because they enable you to show those visitors ads who've already expressed an interest in your product or your brand.

To do this you must have your facebook pixel installed properly. 

So you have your Facebook Pixel ready and the tracking code is installed. Now you are ready to start retargeting your visitors.

There are two reasons why we retarget:

Retarget Campaigns For Your Visitors to Finish Their Purchase

Retargeting Campaigns For Your Recent Website Visitors Interest

How should we retarget optimally?

Will retargeting campaigns worthy to do?

Yes. It will help you gain loyal customers because the people you are getting in touch with are those who are interested in your website, your products or your page.

By targeting people who’ve spent excessive time on your website and those who have done activity directly indicate need for support, you’ll get an audience of people that may be highly interested in your product, but need some help from your support team.

Here are some tips when launching your retargeting campaigns: 

Reach people in times when they’re most likely to buy.
- You need to analyze demographics and the time your visitors are most active. 

Have catchy headlines and ad images for products they were interested in.

- Mostly, these are carousel ads of the items they recently added in their cart and a short ad headline and ad copy.

Give a powerful reason for them to finish their purchase

- It could be an exclusive discount coupon, highlighting bestsellers, a video ad campaign, a carousel ad campaign of the products they added and a witty reminder to finish their checkouts. This will give them a reminder about the products that they have clicked or added into their cart. 

Create customer service to visitors who hesitate
-  Run a campaign that will redirect them to your customer service team so that they can initiate a chat about the product they wanted to buy or the status of their checkout process.

Tell people why it’s worth staying in touch with you.

- This can be a facebook campaign that invites them to subscribe to your newsletter to get exclusive offers, updates or a copy.

Segment by secondary interests

The greatest thing about Facebook Ads is your capacity to layer targeting options on top of one another which is slowly making your audience more specific.

The likes, interests and everything that Facebook Users included in their profiles will allow us to refine our ad’s target audience. 

Same goes with the pages, groups and other things on Facebook they've connected with. As well as the page sections (interests, activities, favorite music, movies, and TV shows).

You can also do Life Events Targeting. This is unique because you can choose to target people at specific intervals of time after the life event. Example: your products might be perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions so you might want to be in front of those audiences.

Segment campaigns by browser, device, and other criteria

This gives you another opportunity to increase the segmentation of your audience.

Facebook allows you to particularly target users by device and browser.

Example: If you are launching an app that is only available in the Apple Store, you can only target users who are accessing Facebook through Iphone devices.

And you can take this a step further with Life Events.

Segment By Placement

Another way to segment your targeting is by placement. If your lookalike campaigns are doing well on mobile and so is your engagement; you can choose to eliminate desktop placement to lower your Facebook costs while still maintaining good ROIs, but this data may also be pointing you to another solution: adapting ads and/or promotions per device.

It could be that your target audience may be using one type of device more than another. Try targeting desktop, Android or iPhone users separately to compare ROI data. Try using different types of promotions or campaigns with these different audiences.

Target your email list

The subscribers on your email list are already interested in your business.

It is important to keep nurturing your email subscribers. Eventually, you may be able to turn them into loyal customers.

One way to do that is by promoting Facebook ads onto their feeds.

Sure, you could email them, but this campaign is all about brand awareness.

They’re already used to seeing your messages in their inbox. Dropping your name into their Facebook feed gives your existing subscribers another indirect reminder.

To add your email subscribers to your audiences, you can go to ‘custom audience’. Just simply upload a CSV file, paste in the addresses manually or you can use your MailChimp account.

Facebook will search for those users in its database, and serve ads to them.

Use the Reach of Big Engagers

This is one of the quickest ways to expose your brand to a huge audience: crossing over demographic and interest data from engagers to get more clicks and sharing for your Facebook campaigns.

The trick to this targeting strategy is using demographics of people who are more likely to share your campaigns in related fields.

If you are an online fashion brand running a new season line awareness campaign on Facebook; along with your interest target, you can use demographic data to target viral content creators’ in your niche.

This will allow you to include people who are proven to have influence in your niche and are more likely to have bigger networks to share your posts in your reach.

If You Do it Right, It’s Worth It!

You might be saying that this is all complicated.

But these are already proven ways on how to effectively target facebook audience.

Facebook advertising is cheaper than Google and offers a much more focused targeting platform.

When used properly, it can give you campaigns with a huge ROI by pulling users through your conversion funnel.

If it’s not used correctly, you’ll find yourself spending thousands and thousands of dollars for no reason.

That’s why you we are teaching you how to segment your audience in multiple ways.

Each Facebook Ad can target a specific group of people.

Be sure to create compelling and engaging content with actionable CTAs, but that’s only half the battle.

Segmenting audiences to target (and retarget) is essential to successfully run a Facebook Ad campaign.

We hope that you have learned so much from this article and hope to help you reach your goals!

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