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Our Process

A Digital Marketing or SEO campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. The better we plan the
more successful your campaign will be.


Before making a recommendation, we will perform a detailed Website SEO Audit to see how optimized your website currently is for search engines.


We’ll properly optimize your website pages so search engines can understand, properly index, and connect the pages of your site with keyword searches. We’ll create additional SEO optimized content to target valuable keywords.

Power Up

We’ll increase the trust & authority of your website/domain by building and earning quality inbound links. You will see an increase in the rankings of your site & the traffic to your business.


We set up a tracking system that allows us to monitor your SEO campaign. We monitor and analyze your analytics, keyword rankings and KPI. By monitoring your SEO efforts, we gain actionable insights that help us improve your SEO. We schedule regular consultations and monthly reports to keep you up-to-date with your campaign progress.

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HighMark SEO

Our approach to SEO is uniquely built around what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work. With over 200 verified factors in play within Google’s search algorithm, most agencies will rely on old tactics that no longer work, or guess with new tactics that they hope will stick.
Keywords Improved
Ad Spend Managed
Leads Generated

Local SEO

Did you know 97% of consumers use online search to find products and services? businesses? Does your business show up in a prime spot for important keyword searches?

National SEO

Drive targeted traffic to your business by using PPC advertising. Allows business to target a broad set of keywords in Google Search as well as the Google Display Network.

Google Ads

Drive targeted traffic to your business by using PPC advertising. Allows business to target a broad set of keywords in Google Search as well as the Google Display Network.

Website Design

Our efforts help improve and protect your most valuable online asset: your personal and brand reputation.

Growth Marketing Analysis

Our Analysis will uncover opportunities to acquire more targeted leads, generate more sales,
and build more brand recognition for your company.
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How We Add Value


What our valuable clients
have to say!

  • "Michael is able to move your website to a prime spot on the first page of Google and increase the traffic to your site. I highly recommend Michael for your SEO needs!"
    Henry Lee
    Director, Insight Critical
    "Michael is respected in the digital marketing field and delivers for his clients. I highly recommend Michael and HighMark SEO Digital for Search Engine Optimization!"
    Brian Morrow
    Founder 341Media.com
    "I had the opportunity to work with Mike on a project of joint interest. I was impressed with his working knowledge of website ranking and online marketing. Highly recommended."
    Barbara Wood
    Founder, ActionGem.com
  • "Mike is an internet marketing expert with a deep knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. I can highly recommend Mike for your SEO needs."
    Veronica Zupanic
    SEO Specialist, SpreadBright
    "I can honestly say I have never dealt with such a hard working, honest, get it done kind of business. HighMark SEO has helped our business grow and exceeded our expectations in so many ways. I highly recommend them!!"
    Amaury Ponce
    Owner - JRP Tree & Demolition
    "Mike is a search optimization specialist. He takes a genuine interest in your business and works to make sure he delivers value. I highly recommend you work with Mike if you get a chance to."
    Kevin M. Statom
    Owner at OTZ Marketing

Our Results Speak For Themselves

#1 Google Ranked SEO Expert in Bedford, Bloomington, Cincinnati, French Lick, Fort 
Wayne, Indianapolis, Jasper & Louisville
Page #1 Ranked SEO Expert in Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Orlando, New York & St. Louis

New York SEO Expert

New York SEO Agency

Perhaps you are an expert web designer and recently launched an attractive and helpful business website. It is also possible that you hired a website design company to create the site but did not think beyond that to the need to work with a New York SEO consultant as well. Unfortunately, your efforts in creating and launching a new business website could all be in vain if you fail to consider New York Search Engine Optimization.

What Our New York SEO Experts Can Do for You

Every day, Google, Bing, and the rest of the search engines crawl the entire Internet to find new material and determine what may no longer be active. This means that you can expect your business website to appear somewhere in the search results anywhere from a few days to a full month after publication. This process is called indexing.

However, this doesn’t mean that it will appear on page one of the search engine results page (SERP). It may be so far back that no one will ever see it at all unless you work with a New York SEO Expert like Michael Bellush, the owner of High Mark SEO Digital. Michael and his team have been in the exact position you find yourself today. It was the frustration of seeing very little traffic to the websites he created that drove him to find a better way and to share that with his clients. He would love to see you learn from his mistakes and avoid the same steep learning curve.

Michael Bellush is a name you can trust when it comes to finding a New York SEO consultant. His experience and education in business dates back nearly 20 years. While earning his business degree at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Michael focused on accounting, computer information systems, and business process management. His most recent experience before launching High Mark SEO Digital in 2015 was working for ExxonMobil Corporation as an Advanced Systems Analyst. Now, HighMark SEO Digital is one of the fastest growing SEO agencies in the United States.

A Holistic New York SEO Company

While working hard to build his own New York agency, Michael completed an apprenticeship with some of the most knowledgeable SEO experts in the industry. His most recent accomplishments include certification in the following:

  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Mobile
  • Google Ads Video

Helping Your New York Business Score First-Page Results with Search Engine Optimization

You went into business because you serve a special niche and feel passionate about what you do. We feel the same way at High Mark SEO Digital. While you focus on operating and growing your business offline, you can relax knowing that our New York SEO agency is researching keywords and phrases, creating effective New York Search campaigns, monitoring the results, and adjusting technique as necessary to draw more visitors.

Any New York search marketing agency can claim that your business website will rank high in the SERPs. The real test is evaluating how well the agency’s own site performs in this area. For example, what results do you get when you type New York SEO Expert into your search engine. If you’re working with a New York SEO expert, the company’s own site should rank near the top. High Mark SEO Digital has achieved this milestone in several major markets that we serve across the United States.

Breaking Down Types of New York SEO

Business owners love organic SEO for good reason. This term refers to traffic and rankings your company website receives from free sources such as backlinks from other websites and regularly publishing high-quality and useful content for your readers. An experienced New York SEO consultant will recommend that you include a variety of organic and non-organic types of SEO to reach your website traffic goals.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular example of a non-organic type of New York digital marketing. As a New York SEO expert, HighMark SEO Digital will research and bid on the most relevant keywords and phrases on behalf of your business. Google only deducts from your account when someone clicks on your ad.

Of course, no business with an online presence can afford to ignore the power of social media advertising. Facebook is one example of targeted advertising that our New York SEO agency can establish for you. You set the parameters for who should view the ad, such as people living in a certain geographical area, business owners, personal interests, education levels, and job titles. You can also use Facebook ads to retarget people who have visited your website.  HighMark SEO Digital takes care of creating, launching, monitoring, and managing Facebook ad campaigns.

Detailed Reporting to Ensure You Meet Your Digital Marketing Goals

All business owners want to earn a high return on investment (ROI) for their advertising dollars. High Mark SEO measures both your organic and non-organic campaigns and results to see what produces the best results and what we could help you improve. For example, are certain pages on your website converting well and others barely see any traffic? We will figure out the reason and put new SEO strategies in place. Mike and his team also help you have greater insight into the customer journey from the initial research phase to making a purchase and beyond.

A Full List of Services Offered by Our New York SEO Expert Agency

While New York SEO is one of the first things people think of when they hear the name High Mark SEO Digital, it is far from our only service. We briefly described Google Ads and Facebook marketing, but are you also aware that we can assist you with analytics, customized reporting, and reputation management?

Google Analytics is essential for all businesses to implement and understand. It provides you with data such as the terms your website visitors use to find your website and the pages they interact with the most.

Customized reporting is exactly as it sounds. We at High Mark SEO Digital understand that every online business is unique and that our reporting needs to reflect that. You can have the greatest impact on ROI and profit margins by effectively monitoring and analyzing all efforts of your New York digital marketing.

With our online reputation management services, you can rest easier knowing that a single negative review won’t keep people away from your business. This is true for both your physical locations and your company website. High Mark SEO Digital continually monitors online activity to help protect your brand and assets.

Are you ready to get started with a true New York SEO expert? We invite you to request a 30-minute or 60-minute call with our team today

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