20 Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

20 Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

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In this article, Highmark SEO reveals the 20 Best Mobile Apps that every Entrepreneur should have! 

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Being an entrepreneur is such a rewarding experience. However you’ve got so many tasks at hand, like do an extensive research, gather and manage your resources, maintain communication, grow your brand reputation, get in touch with new clients, staying on top of all the accounts, and much more.

Sometimes there isn’t just enough time in the day for everything. From making new connections to keep ideas flowing, a new challenge is always just around the corner. However, you gotta turn every challenge into a plus.

Here, Highmark SEO listed the 20 Best Mobile Apps every Entrepreneur should know. They may not fulfill all of your responsibilities but they could buy you some time. That in turn, you can focus on ticking off the most essential tasks on your list.

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Slack Mobile Interface

Travelling around the world for business meetings can be too exhausting. Yet wherever your destination is, you are still compelled to stay in touch with your team regularly. With Slack, you can do that with ease. This app is an all-in-one communication tool where you can share files and messages to any member added on your public channels. Direct messaging is also available.

This saves up a lot of space in my email inbox. It is like the holy grail of every entrepreneur whose time is wasted on checking and deleting massive amounts of emails  -- myself included. Keeping my projects organized is one of my top priorities. Slack app works best for entrepreneurs who needed to contact different stakeholders all around the world. We have so many apps that enable users to communicate and share data, but keeping it all organized at the same time is usually impossible. Slack can do all of that in just one or two clicks.


Toggl Time Tracking Tool Mobile Interface

Toggl is a time-tracking tool that can monitor one’s own productivity levels while on the move. This fits perfectly for small freelance projects and team-based organizations. You can use a Google account for registering and logging in. You can remove unwanted entries to avoid discrepancies and even edit each entry. This tool can track time accurately even if you’re offline.

As a consultant, I have to keep tabs on how much time I work on my projects. Even when I don't need to track my time, this app helps me get a better grasp of how much time I spend on projects or writing assignments so I can offer a correct assessment whenit is proposal time. 

If you have remote workers, you can keep track of their productivity level by generating Toggl reports. You can see a list of websites they mostly visited and what exactly they are working on.


Buffer App Mobile Interface

Maintaining an online reputation is necessary. The question is, are you spending your time smartly on it? Buffer is here to the rescue. Buffer is a great app for social media managing. It allows startup founders to schedule social media posts according to the time when the target audience will be highly active.

Among the popular social networking sites that you can be linked to Buffer are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (business accounts only), Linkedin and Pinterest (exclusive for Premium Buffer subscribers). It has a user-friendly interface which is why it is so popular. 

Rescue Time.

Headspace Mobile Interface

It wasn't until I installed this app on my phone and desktop that I realized how much time I was wasting on social media. I recommend this app to anybody, entrepreneur or not, who wants to find out how much time you wasted squandering on your devices. 

RescueTime oversees the websites and applications you are using. It reports how much time you or your employees consumed on productive websites (Yahoo, Quora, Wikihow, company websites, etc.) vs. distracting websites (Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Unless you work on social media, distracting sites are fine.


Headspace Mobile Interface

By all means, this has to be one of my favorite apps. As someone who is as busy as I am, I don’t have the luxury of time to sit still and meditate as often as I’d like. 

With Headspace, in just a span of 10 minutes, you are able to focus on meditation. Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, is the man behind the voice of Headspace’s session guru. His voice is so calming and refreshing, that you can’t help but reflect on yourself, mentally and spiritually.

Its mobile version is so convenient that you can pause and meditate any time of the day and anywhere you want. 

I personally used Headspace when I was just beginning to learn how to meditate. The Headspace app acted as the perfect meditation teacher for someone who knew nothing about how to properly meditate. Since then, I’ve spent over 150 hours meditating on the app and have since experimented with several other meditation techniques. But I still enjoy using the Headspace app when I want to take a quick 10 minutes to relax and find some Headspace.


Podcast Mobile Interface

Whether you are on the road, in your office or at home, listening to podcasts is as easy as shelling peas. There are many entrepreneur/business-focused podcasts that you can listen to. Just find the ones you love. 

A few of the popular podcasts that entrepreneurs recommend are the following: Eventual Millionaire, Startup and The Growth Show. There’s also Youpreneur Fm where you get a weekly dose of tips on how to create your brand from square one, make it grow, advertise and make money out if the quickest way. It is hosted by Chris Ducker who is known to be a pro on building personal brands.


1Password Mobile Interface

Is your personal diary filled with so many login credentials from all the apps you’ve been using? How about your desk? Is there a massive amount of sticky notes with written passwords on it? Do you find it hard to remember all of these passwords at some point? If so, then I highly recommend 1Password to you. 

1Password can help you save your stacks of online passwords, produce new ones, and log into websites with a simple click. This is by far the best password manager app that I’ve ever used. This app is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who prefer to save all their passwords or any private information they have into a single master password. By adding the app’s browser plug-in, you can save the account details, credit card details, license information, and even the entries you made on a webpage form.


Trello Mobile/Ipad Interface

Effective project management is like every entrepreneur’s goal. Trello is well-liked by those passionate with time and project management. On top of being a low-cost app, it is completely easy to maneuver. It’s like your very own post-it notes and each note represents a task.

On the screen, the cards can be customized, copied, move around then archived when finished. This app is a champion for larger teams as you can have a clear visual look on what your team is working on, who is working on it and what tasks were already finished.


Wave Mobile App Interface

Wave is specifically created for consultants, freelancers, contractors and other small business owners like you. It relieves you from collecting paper receipts and helps you prepare professional invoices by utilizing cool templates personalized with your logo, and readily share them with your customers. 

Several friends swear by this app because it helps them keep track of their finances without the need to hire another person to do that.


Masterclass Mobile App Interface

Masterclass app is an online course app that offers lessons for photographers, chefs, artists, musicians, painters, and creative professionals. Other online courses coves marketing and business skills which are very suitable for entrepreneurs. You can learn these courses at your own pace simply by using your mobile phones. 

If you wish to continue taking classes all year-round, MasterClass allows you to do that remotely. Even if you’re already further along in your career, you can still learn new lessons without having to be in an actual classroom.


Flipboard Mobile App Interface

When you read a newspaper, you would normally have to turn the pages to scan for the news that you’ve been wanting to read for the week. With Flipboard, you can make your own newspaper/magazine so you can put all the news and articles to your liking in one place. 

How does it help you personally as an entrepreneur? Well, it can help you keep up with the latest bits in the industry, get new ideas for content marketing and discuss some of these ideas to your clients.

This app is like a curator of all the stories that are relevant to your field. The main point is to keep you notified of the latest news and issues so you could spend your reading time productively.


Unroll.me Mobile App Interface

Tired of battling with spam emails and subscriptions? Unroll.Me is definitely one of the life hacks you should never miss out. All you need is a smartphone and an email account. Once you’re settled, you can now proceed to unsubscribing to emails you didn’t want and retract the rest in one shot.

SaneBox is another great option too. They all help you declutter your inbox without repeating the process for every entry.


Hatch Mobile App Interface

If you believe an egg timer can help you stay focused, then try Hatch! 

This is a whole new level of brain focus game. It urges you to stay committed to what you’re doing. The longer you do this (this means the longer you won’t use your phone), the more mysterious creatures you can hatch. Set a timer for as short as 5 minutes or as long as 120 minutes. If you leave the app prematurely, you lose the game and you won’t get to see the mysterious creatures hatching from the egg. 

It’s such a fun way to take a break and get your A-game on the things that really matter. It stops you from checking on your phones while doing something that demands your full attention. Try it and you’ll surely enjoy it!


Audible Mobile App Interface

Audiobooks have always been a popular thing. Audible app is the largest audiobook producer and retailer in the US. The app’s slogan “when you can’t read, listen.” is a great reminder for busy entrepreneurs like you that reading doesn't have to be at the bottom of your list. Most of the successful entrepreneurs make reading a crucial part of their morning and evening habits. Yet we can’t deny the fact that you have a lot of things on the plate. It’s not always convenient.

Therefore, listening to audiobooks is a great option. A wide variety of audiobooks are ready to inspire you in Audible. Business Adventures is Bill Gate’s favorite one. Catch up on it while commuting or waiting in line.


Uber Mobile App Interface

Having late-night meetings or traveling to other cities require so much of your energy. Instead of waiting for a taxi outside the building, right before stepping out, you can just book Uber ahead of time. This app is so widely used that there are over 600 cities around the world that Uber exists.

If you are carrying extra luggage, you have the freedom to choose the seat capacity of the Uber service you want to arrange. Ridesharing is also provided.


Pocket Mobile App Interface

Do you want to read but don't have the time? Save it via Pocket and come back to it when you have a few minutes. Previously known as Read It Later!, Pocket is an offline bookmarking app that allows you to save an article or web page for later reading. 

As an entrepreneur, you should organize reading and content discovery time to be more productive. So head on to your article reading time and bookmark great articles!

Google Drive.

Google Drive Mobile Interface

Cloud storage seems to be the norm these days. And you can never go wrong with Google Drive's flexibility and ease of use. This app is a storage service that lets you save different kinds of files to the cloud. The ‘share’ feature enables you to send a certain file to your assistant without the need to log in to your personal email account. 

Google Drive app is associated with Google’s office productivity, that includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. As someone who writes blogs every now and then, I don’t find it hard to create documents in it. Every file that I create is automatically saved in the Drive. Plus whenever I have to share it to my team, the shareable link is pretty easy to generate.


Evernote Mobile App Interface

Today’s innovators could really make use of Evernote’s note-taking hallmark. It has dozens of unique features that every entrepreneur surely benefits from. These are creating checklists, email notes, customizing one-sheets, reporting tools, task managing kit, business templates and more. All of which can help maximize your time to achieve productivity. 

It also acts as a storage for your files, documents, emails and more. You can try the free version first and decide on getting the Plus, Premium or Business for expanded functionality.

Grammarly.Grammarly Mobile Interface checking grammars

Typing in Grammarly

You’ll never have to send another email with a typo again. With Grammarly, you get to have your own grammarian-bot. Whichever documents or comments you are typing on your phone, Grammarly keyboard dynamically detects grammatical errors right after every word. When you tap on the highlighted phrase/word, it suggests the correct version of it. Additionally, you can look up synonyms and antonyms if you want to improve your choice of words.

Don’t worry about typing any passwords or credit card credentials, Grammarly app automatically blocks itself whenever this private information is encoded. 


Skype Calls and Chat Mobile Interface

Embracing skype is a no brainer. A true blue entrepreneur with a remote office all over the world knows for a fact that having a mobile office is beneficial to keeping the communication up. 

Skype is not just a simple video and chat program. The app is best known for premium quality audio and video conferencing with up to 25 people on board. Skype has instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing capabilities. When used productively, Skype can bring you closer to your customers, partners, suppliers and prospects to ensure success in your business.


Canva Designing Tool Mobile Interface

Need an infographic or flyer? Canva is a drag-and-drop graphics editor that helps non-designers develop great-looking products for everything --- from social media and presentations to invitations. 

If you are a startup company, you can depend on Canva to give aid on marketing your products that are highly attractive to the consumer’s eyes. You can choose from tons of banners, presentations, social media graphics and more to begin designing your marketing graphics. Even if designing is not your talent, Canva is here to relieve you from all the stress of creating designs from scratch.

Mobile App Icons

Benefits of Being Organized

An entrepreneur’s life can get pretty chaotic sometimes.

Some of us are great at dealing with it, but some of us are thrown off by the creeping problems that usually happen without any notice. The worse thing is, they can lead to missed deadlines, reckless decisions and eventually losing business prospects.

Being super organized is the secret weapon of a successful entrepreneur. What’s even better, when you incorporate modern apps to your goals, you are in no danger from putting your business to rest. 

All the apps Highmark SEO shared in this article have varying ways to help you boost your confidence, make use of every single day you have to finish your tasks while still balancing work and life. 

Starting an entrepreneurial journey is probably easier now than before -- with the help of these mobile apps.

Maintaining a Marketing Plan

It’s a good idea to have a marketing plan all the time. Your business strategies will be much stronger and solid if you plan everything out. Understanding the industry quote

Now that it’s almost 2020, mobile apps have now become a part of an entrepreneur’s marketing plans. You can conduct your research about your target audience by reading helpful guidelines from Flipboard, manage job interviews through Skype, keep a professional chat group at Slack, write business proposals in Evernote and so much more. 

What’s your favorite mobile app among our list? We’d like to hear back from you.

Keep on the lookout for more Highmark SEO articles.

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