The most important thing to consider when evaluating an SEO company to hire is whether or not they rank on PAGE ONE of Google for competitive keywords. How else can you be certain that they’ll be able to rank your business on PAGE ONE of Google or other search engines for competitive keywords? The proof is in the ranking.

HighMark SEO Digital is the #1 Google Ranked SEO Expert for the cities of Bedford, Bloomington, Cincinnati, French Lick, Indianapolis, Jasper & Louisville

HighMark SEO Digital maintains over 30 additional Page One Google rankings throughout the United States


It all began years ago as nothing more than a flicker of an idea. HighMark SEO Digital’s founder, Michael Bellush, had built a new website and needed to find ways to market the new website. He needed to generate traffic to the site and ultimately more sales. He quickly found that the popular Field of Dreams line “If you build it, they will come,” is not exactly accurate when applied to business and marketing.

I’m sure business owners can relate to this. So Michael set out on a mission to research the best ways to generate traffic to the site. There was social media, targeted pay-per-click, and then Search Engine Optimization. SEO sounded too good to be true. Free, organic search traffic from the search engines. Ranking the website at the top of Google for all the important search terms that people would use to find a product or service! That sounds amazing! Sign me up!

Only one problem. Google controls the rankings. Yahoo controls the rankings. Bing controls the rankings. How do I perform SEO? The internet is full of information about SEO. How do I know what is accurate? How do I know what works? Everything I read says that SEO takes months to years. Michael decided to put his Computer Information Systems background to good use and dig deep into the world of SEO in search for answers.

Eventually, Michael made several important connections in the SEO world. He was personally mentored by several of the greatest SEO minds on planet Earth. He then had the knowledge and confidence to start applying what he had learned. It was only then that he decided to start his own SEO Digital Marketing Agency.  Since then the agency has expanded and gained considerable experience and knowledge in the areas of analytics, customer acquisition, funnels, Facebook Marketing, Facebook messenger bots, Google Ads, and Reputation Management.  The rest is history.


HighMark SEO Digital and Michael Bellush have received over 30 referrals and testimonials. Those people can attest to our knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Search Engine Marketing field.

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Do you have 5 years or more to spend researching SEO so you can do it yourself?

Do you have the time and money to hire one of the world’s top SEO guru’s to mentor you?

Do you have the time or the patience to mess with all the messy technical details of on-page website SEO optimization and off-page SEO optimization?

Do you have the technical know-how to manage a Facebook Marketing or Google Ads campaign?

If not, then click the link below and fill out our Discovery Form. We’ll get back to you with a completely free video analysis. We normally charge $500 for this type of thorough analysis. At the very least, you’ll find it very informational.